Saturday, 24 December 2011

Treat Twelve: Nuns Part Two

It was opening day and Dirk got his first customer. The customer walked past the huge display for Nuns on the Run, probably the most well known Nun film, and straight to the back of the store. There he caught sight of a film with a similar name, Nuns up the Bum. He realised he had walked into the adult section. He went back to the normal shelf and looked at many films including Much Ado about Nunning, The Nun of Oz, Nun Wars 4: The Monastery Strikes Back. The lone customer even rifled through the depths of the bargain bucket only to throw back Sister Act 1 and 2 to the hell from which they were born.
This customer just couldn’t find what he wanted so went to ask Dirk if he had the title he was looking for anywhere.
“Excuse me, do you have March of the Penguins.”


Thanks to everyone whose visited the blog this year, have a great Christmas and New year, I may do a cliched end of year blog, not sure yet.

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