Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wales Comic Con panel

If you've not heard by now, I feel like I've tweeted about it a lot, but Twisted Showcase Series 3 has a great cast attached - Gareth David Lloyd, Norman Lovett and Sarah Louise Madison.
Myself and Rhys Jones were lucky enough to have Twisted Showcase panel and be joined by these cast members recently at Wales Comic Con.

Here's how much I enjoyed it.

But it wasn't just me, look this proves our great cast.

There has also been some great pictures from the audience who were at the panel. They have allowed us to post them on the website, which we will soon, so keep checking back. We also have an interview we did for Calon FM which we'll hopefully be able to upload soon. There will also be trailers. The place to make sure you catch all this, as always

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Q & A at Cultured Vultures

I was approached to do an interview with the great people at Cultured Vultures. There site is over flowing with great stuff. Check out my interview there