Thursday, 28 January 2010

1 month down

A flurry of snow and January is over. I've recycled that line from my blog at In/Out (Link's on the side) I feel so cheap for recycling a line. Not done that in a script yet, I'm sure there will be a time when i do. A good line will fir somewhere else.

Currently i haven't set any concrete writing goals this year, but i have sent a few submissions and made some good contacts, written an article on Michael Haneke's Cache for Splice magazine, been commisioned for another article, and hopefully other stuff happening there.

Got loads to redraft and I've promised myself not to write something new until april, where i will consider another year of Script Frenzy.

Slowly getting excited by this year, if you're a writer I'd love to hear what you're upto and discuss writing and maybe even collaborate if we find something we could work on together.

So, Get in touch.

Friday, 1 January 2010

A lookback at 2009

So last year was my first year taking my writing seriously, and boy it was tough. At first completed a first draft seemed a struggle, until i realised how much work needs to be done afterwards. Now i have lots of first drafts lying around which i need to work on.

I made some writing goals for myswelf in 2009, so I'll juct check through those and see how i got on, after that i can develop some writing goals for this year which i will post up in the next week or so. I also intend to post up my favourites of 2009, albums, TV shows, films, etc.

But here's the writing goals from last year.

1. Finish redrafting my childrens novel and send it off to publishers, agents etc

Didn't achieve this one, it was always the next job in line, an kept getting pushed back because it's such a big job to undertake, this is a priority for this year.

2. Write the sequel to above novel. (First Draft)

Again not done, one chapter in.

3. Write two film screenplays.

Half achieved this one or actually, quarter achieved this one, i wrote one first draft, which has now undergone 4 drafts and is a bitch to get right, and have another one all planned out and ready to write.

4. Write a full tv series.

Two episodes of a drame written, one kids TV pilot, one sitcom pilot, and another thing i'm playing with but i'm not sure how it'll turn out, but again nothing completed.

5. Write a tv pilot out of an unfinished novel I wrote a couple of years ago.

Not started but too many other things on the go, may come back to this idea in the future.
6.Write a short film

I full achieved this one, writing at least 3 short film scripts, this year i hope to get at least one made, i will keep writing the odd short film script, they are quicki and usually fun.

7. Write a t least 5 short stories, finish one I started last year.


8. Build a portfolio of stuff.

I'm getting there.

Need to up my work load this year now i kow how much of a challenge this is.
Positive points of the year: Commisioned articles for Splice magazine, which has continued. The In/Out blog which has continued, and the fun of creating new characters and stories, just need to knuckle down and get things finished and start approaching people with them.

Will sort out goals for this year soon, need to push myself. Let's hope for a good year, for everyone.