Tuesday, 22 September 2015

English Gothic

It's been a little quiet regarding Series 4 of Twisted Showcase recently. Apart from something really exciting I found out recently thanks to Neil Jones. We are given a mention in the new updated version of English Gothic - Classic Horror Cinema 1897 -2015 by Jonathan Rigby.

I was excited by the mention as I love Jonathan Rigby's book on Christopher Lee which I bought years ago and have read a few times. It feels good to be part of horror history featuring in the book and to be noticed by someone with such vast and good taste in horror. And alongside such other great series. You can see our mention below and I would really advise buying the book, it's a beautiful thing.

As for being quiet recently, all that is about to change as to make Series 4 possible Twisted Showcase needs to ask for your help to be crowdfunded. We've got a much bigger series planned, with some great people involved, some great surprises and as always we hope to fill you with our own unique blend of psychological terror. 

If you thought Norman Lovett pooing in a bucket, chopping Gareth David Lloyd's head off or an episode about an Empty Sofa were as odd as we can go you're not going to be ready for this.

Over the coming weeks we'll be announcing more, including the launch date for the crowdfund, plus some leftover bits and bobs from Series 3. Plus I will be posting a few things of how Twisted Showcase has come together and stuff I've learnt along the way. 

Thanks for everything so far.