Monday, 28 June 2010

Murky Depths

By the title of this blog you'd assume I'm going to trawl through the darker recesses of my mind. I'm not, fortunately for you. Instead I have exciting news. I have a comic strip appearing in Issue 15 of Murky Depths. I'm not going to say too much just yet because it's not out until Feb 2011, so between then and now I'll drip feed you some info.

Here's the Murky Depths website if you want to have a look

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

All the writing, so much bloody writing

It's about time we had a catch up isn't it? Not posted on here about my writing exploits for a long while, and as I'm off this week I have a little bit of time.
So here goes:

Even though it's my week off it's been pretty busy, the weekedn saw me write a 10 minute scene for the BBC Writersroom opportunity 'Five Days In May' which required you to write a short 5-10 script concerning the election.
Once that was done, another opportunity popped up
Follow that link there to see it. This meant developing an existing idea, which I'm still working on but am moments from finishing.
Add to this a Funny Bones article i need to finish off for Splice, which my article on Cache by Michael Haneke will be appearing in very soon.
Also my upcoming articles for Vworp Vworp.
Still writing my radio play.
Two comic book ideas that I'm trying to write.
Writing a dark film script with my writing partner.
And finally, finishing off and preparing my childrens novel to send off to literary agents.

Hopefully have all this cleared out of the way for the summer where i intend to focus on a film idea circulating around my head.

I hope you consider yourself fully caught up.