Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Twisted Showcase Series 4 - Gareth David Lloyd's directorial debut

I think it's been known a while that there would be a series 4 of our web series Twisted Showcase.We've already shot one episode, so it's not that much of a secret.

What was a secret, until today, was the exciting news that Gareth David Lloyd is going to be directing and starring in one the episodes, entitled Be My Head.

To make this series a reality, we have launched a kickstarter to raise £2,000. Please help all you can, there's rewards aimed at lots of different points so hopefully everyone who wants to can contribute.

Why not listen to Gareth below, and that should convince you that this is going to be exciting.

Gareth also said:  “I love the horror genre and I am always looking for opportunities to help showcase new talent. 
I couldn't resist the offer to star in and direct an episode of series four. 
Web drama is such a fertile ground and I feel very much part of the future. Help support Twisted Showcase and you can be part of that future too!”

Keep your eyes on our twitter feed, my blog, the Twisted Showcase site as there will be loads of announcements in the coming weeks. We have 20 days, let's make this happen!