Saturday, 11 September 2010

Red Planet Prize & More

I'm extremely happy to say that I've made it through to the second round of the prestigious Red Planet Prize with the first ten pages of my script THE DOLE.

A quick read through and redraft and Thursday night, I sent off the full script.

Also yesterday Friday 10th September, was the day my first short film was shot. Done in a day, with one location, one actor and no budget. I'm hoping it comes out ok, because it was so much fun to film. There will be plenty of details on in the coming months.
It'd be nice if you could follow that blog and show some support. I know you'd be following something you haven't even seen, and know practically nothing about, but it may build up some excitement for the project.



Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Fear of Living

Shameless Plug, i know, but, I'd like to send you to a log for the upcoming short film, based on one of my short scripts.

There's not much on there at present, just a synopsis for the film, but keep checking there will be some exciting news coming this week.