Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Project Excitement

January started weirdly but well on the writing front. I had a meeting with SJ Evans from Pillay Evans Productions.
The meeting was going great, a couple of coffees and discussion of what we've both done, what we're upto and a project we'd discussed over twitter which for now I won't reveal too much about. It's in a different genre from the Twisted Showcase stuff, it's something I've always wanted to write, and it is incredibly exciting, and I'm afraid that's a vague as I'm going to have to be for now.

Back to the meeting anyway, which as you may remember was going really well, then a woman approached our table asking is she could sit with us to avoid someone else, we were in Wrexham, weird things happen there.
She bought us drinks so we didn't mind, and what followed covered many topics and I'm sure was the strangest first meeting on a new film project thats probably taken place.

I look forward to meeting SJ again just to see in what direction the next meeting can go in, and also because he's a producer that gets things done. As can be seen in the trailer for his new film Dead of the Nite. Check that out below and come back here for more news on our project which I'll tell you more about when I can.