Thursday, 11 April 2013

Interview with British Web Series

I posted a while back about meetings, the excitement of Media City, and I can now add Granada Studios to that. A place full of memories for me, when I was a kid I remember pulling in at the car park across the road with the magic of TV awaiting me. There was a set tour of Coronation Street and I'm sure there was a few rides and stuff but can't really remember. Was this the place where you could walk on The Borrowers set? Might be getting confused there.

Anyway I went for a meeting with RED productions there and was gutted to discover it's being knocked down. I'm always really nervous before meetings but seem to relax once they are underway, but recently catching an interview myself and Rhys Jones did with British Web Series for Twisted Showcase I'm now extremely worried with how I come across. But this was our first interview, it's enclosed below if you want to take a look, I don't think I can because of acute embarrassment.

There's also a brief interview with Gareth David Lloyd at the end of the interview from Blogtor Who, really good to see as I'm a frequent visitor to that site.