Friday, 25 March 2011

Twisted Showcase Presents...


Recently my film maker friend Rhys Jones (you really should check out his night killer films on the you tube) told me about this idea for a web series he had and brought me on board. Now, if you're a writer, we'd like you to be involved.

Here's the brief:

We are looking for writers to submit scripts for a series of short films in the horror genre.
The films need to be:
• 5 minutes in length.
• Horror/sci-fi/comedy and all the permutations that could come from that
• Domestic setting (when the normal meets the abnormal theme)
• 3 characters max

As we are working with no budget it would best to keep things small, as fun as a film about space men from mars battling a roman legion with a cast of hundreds set 3000 years ago would be, it would also be impossible for us to do. So keep it simple, but also let your imagination run wild as we are looking for interesting ideas here.
The rest is up to you.

The best 2 or 3 submissions will be made into episodes of the series.
We will be shooting during the summer and looking to upload the episodes around October/November time.

If you'd like to submit a script or if you have any questions please send them to

Deadline for Submissions is Wednesday 20th April


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spaceships Over Deeside video

I was very happy when Spaceships Over Deeside asked me to direct a video for one of their songs. This is the outcome.
Hope you like the video for Brilliant New T Shirt Remix.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Little White Lies Fear of Living interview

A couple of months ago myself and Leigh Jones conducted an interview with Little Whie Lies, for their Grass Roots blog, concerning the Fear of Living.

If you haven't heard of the film, a short that I wrote and Leigh directed, head over to the blog there will be plenty of updates to that very soon.

Anyway, here's the link to the interview in Little White Lies if you'd like to go and have a read.