Saturday, 17 December 2011

Treat Six: The Jungle Band outline

Another submission from this year, was for a childrens TV opportunity.

This is an outline for a puppet based kids show about a group of animals who form a band.



An entertaining insight behind the scenes into the life of a puppet band.

A magical mix of puppets, animation and live action, with magical sprites, evil magicians, stressed managers and musical puppets.

A mix of the optimism and love of music of Glee with the puppets and energy of The Muppet Show but for a younger audience.

Educational programme about music and other creative endeavours, as well as introducing different world cultures.

Interactive programme that asks the audience to be part of proceedings through dance, music and talking to the characters.


The show lends itself to lots of variety performances as we follow the band’s World Tour. The audience will see performances from dance outfits which they could join in with, other pop acts, magicians and other variety performances, whilst also following the plot of the week which will involve the puppet band of Jeremy Lion, Andrea the poodle, Tony Hedgehog and Bohemian Rat Sidney.

The world tour also gives the opportunity to introduce different locations and their differences to the audience in a simple, light hearted and funny way.
Lots of running jokes continue through the series like the manager always running about, stressed and avoiding the band so he doesn’t get in trouble with the band.
It also continues the vendetta that Marvello the Magician has against the band because he wants to be headline act instead of the band, we constantly see him trying to become headline act at the detriment of the Jungle Band, but always failing in hilarious ways.
The show also contains many catchy songs of The Jungle Band, which would close the show on a high each week and sum up the plot line of that specific episode.

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