Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Screenwriter Geek: Writing on the go, the Script Write app?

Did a few of these blogs based on problems with writing last year so thought I'd resurrect it for a bit of a waffle about something new I've come across which I think has helped my writing.

This thing is all modern, well it is for me anyway, not that great when it comes to technology. It's an app. Yes, I've given in and bought an all singing all dancing I phone, and many people have labelled me a sheep for it, but I bought it for one reason primarily (but have been distrated by free games such as Temple Run, Cover Orange and Snappers) and that was to write on the go using this app.

It's called Script Write by Filter apps and it can be used to link up with movie Magic Screenwriter, my program of choice.

If you're like me, which I hope you're not for your sake, you end up spending long hours waiting for trains, or stuck in work after you've finished awaiting a lift (I made a typo then and wrote life instead of lift, maybe that was more apt) or just spending long hours without computer access, and in these times I used to dream of writing, or being able to write. When i heard of this app I thought all my problems were solved. All this time I can fill up with writing.

It's worked out a little bit differently, because there are problems with it. For one, it doesn't transfer perfectly into MMS, there can be lines of dialogue which convert into action and capital letters where there shouldn't be. Just little minor glitches, nothing too annoying, but what is annoying is trying to edit using this software. It's just not going to happen. So, I haven't used it as I thought I would I haven't been able to leave off writing a script from home, upload to Dropbox then pick it up on the go and keep going with it. This could be because I am in the middle of a feature script, which is also quite intricate so is involving little edits along the way.

So, why is the fact it's a feature length script a problem? The scrolling on the app can take a while and only loads up small segments of the script each time you scroll down. Slightly annoying for a long script.

I realise I'm sounding negative now, and I don't mean to be, probably shouldn't have started with that bit, because it's a brilliant app. I made it my goal on the 1st of January to write a new short script just using this app and have done so. It's completed and ready to film. thinking of directing it myself. More challenges ahead. It uses the same system as Movie Magic so is easy to use, and even though I haven't uploaded the feature script onto it I have been able to write scenes on the go and insert them in when I've got home. That even helped with a nice bit of non linear structuring as it became obvious that the scene I'd written would have more impact earlier in the script.

Also I'm looking forward to getting another 30 minute sitcom idea. I find humour hard sat at a desk, trying to write and used to be always writing notes of jokes as I was out. this will allow me to write the scene as soon as inspiration strikes. I've just got to remember to recharge my battery, those games don't half use it up.