Monday, 19 December 2011

Treat Eight: Melancholy Ruckus (Foreplay)

On twitter a few days ago I put a shout out, off the cuff really for people who follow me to tweet me with words to include in a one page script I would write that would be one of my 12 treats of Christmas.
I recieved two words to include, so it didn't prove to be that much of a challenge, and those two words form the title of the piece, along with one word I added, which I placed in brackets, because it is either A) not as important, or B) twice as important.
The words I was five to work with were:

Melancholy- provided by @pnorris14

Ruckus- by LilJerseyDevil

To complete the title I added Foreplay


You can read the one page script below. Hope you enjoy

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