Saturday, 28 February 2015

5 star films - February 2015

I really need to blog about the Twisted Showcase Live event, but I have promised to keep this monthly blog going where I list films I've watched in the last month that I'd rate as 5 stars. Seen loads of great films this month, but with lots of them I've had quibbles, little minor niggles that have stopped them being a 5 star film.

So this month there are 4 films which get the 5 star rating. Here they are: -

LILYA 4 EVER - Another month, another Lukas Moodysoon film. Hard going as it focuses on homelessness and sex trafficking involving children. The tone is slightly alleviated by a fairytale feel to some aspects, but the bile and anger can be felt here. This film is sickened at the world but trying to find beauty, if you have the courage, give it a go.

ROBOT & FRANK - A subtle, low key treat with plenty of charm. If you liked Baymax in Big Hero 6 you might take to the robot in this, although the tale takes this to darker places. It hurt my heart but won't explain why as don't want to ruin this if anyone chooses to watch it. That's what I find hard writing these, getting across why I like them while allowing people to experience it for themselves.

THE BLACK CAULDRON - I'd never seen this Disney film, it's got some great, terrifying imagery and a lovely folk tale feel. It doesn't overplay it's cute characters and really made me laugh and make my eyes bulge out in fear.

THE LIVES OF OTHERS - Oppressive and plain looking with some disconcerting edits early on that keep you feeling a little on edge. The film, like it's lead character, slowly reveals its soul for a film that is beautiful in it's love of art and humanity, whilst also being tense and about a period of time and place I embarrassingly lack much knowledge of. Seek this one out for note perfect film making.