Saturday, 24 December 2011

Treat Eleven: Nuns Part One

Another story for the penultimate Christmas Treat. I'll conclude this later on today so keep checking. Hope you enjoy my story Nuns.


Dirk was a huge film fan. Dirk was an uber geek. He collected all things to do with films. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, even Howard the Duck, he collected all film memorabilia. The other fact which is helpful to know about Dirk is that he was a multi-millionaire. He was able to indulge in every collection because he could afford it. He followed every whim because he could afford it.
It was a Tuesday evening, and it was raining. Nothing at all spectacular, in the whole of the world happened on this evening apart from an idea Dirk had. His idea was to start up a specialised dvd rental shop.
He already had many specialised dvd rental shops. One for films with rabbits, one for films with bongo players and one for films with people dressed as rabbits. None of them did much business, people wanted more variety, but he didn’t care because he was rich.
His idea on this wet Tuesday night was to set up a dvd rental shop that specialised in films about Nuns.

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