Thursday, 2 April 2009

Script Frenzy

OK, which i learnt today comes from the German pronunciation of All Correct, or something like that, this sentence has lost it's thread hasn't it. Let's start a new one.
Script Frenzy has begun, the quest to write a first draft script totalling 100 pages.
My work so far, 2 tv drama hour long episodes and a half hour pilot for something else, and a short film script have all been docked at first draft stage. They will be revisited after this hectic month is over. This hectic month where i hope to add to the first drafts and have a first draft film script to my name as well.
How's it going? you many ask. The imaginary words of an imaginary reader. Well two days in and i'm 5 pages into it, this rate will only leave me with 75 pages so i must speed up, firstly i'll stop writing th.......

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