Friday, 24 April 2009

The last weekend of Script Frenzy

It's here upon us. The last weekend of Script Frenzy. My last opportunity to word blitz the days away.
Current word count is 69 pages. (69, tee hee, so childish)
So, what have i learnt from Script Frenzy.
1. That i like to procrastinate. It's amazing isn't it. I'm a professional at it.
2. I write better to music. It really gets me into the emotion. Next writing project will be fuelled by a soundtrack. The soundtrack to this project, still untitled, has been mainly the new Veils album, Sun Gangs, especially the title track.
3. Not having a plan is incredibly stupid, and means i can only write in small snippets. theni have to stop to think about what happens next. With a plan i assume the writing of the first draft could flow far more freely.
4. Doing the Frenzy has made me believe i am a good writer, as on a few occasions i have really got into the moment and felt emotions for my character. Which i never thought would happen, I always scoffed when i heard writers saying they cried when they killed off a character.
5. On the flipside of point 3. Even when not having a plan, if you write and create a world or a character if you keep writing something has to happen therefore forming a plot for yourself.
Do not fear writing.

Will i finish? Will i be a winner? These are the big questions now. I feel i have to finish to call myself a writer, i need to bring this thing in for deadline.
31 pages, one weekend and whatever spare hours i have in the evening. Shopping trip tomorrow for coffee to keep me awake and maybe some celabratory booze for when i win. Positive thinking.

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