Monday, 6 April 2009

Frenzy update

Expect all posts to be regarding Script Frenzy during April as that is where i am concentrating all my efforts this month. So far it's going ok. Had a train journey from Wrexham to Birmingham yesterday so managed to get a good few pages done. Page count- i'm on page 23 so far, nearly a quarter way through and this is only the 6th day. Think i need to sped up the story a bit but that can be remedied in the drafting. considering i had no ideas when i started there coming through thick and fast, it's justa case of tying them all up, as i already know the last scene. Maybe i should write it now, so i have to lead up to it. I've never been able to do that though, i have to write chronologically. So page 23, in two seperate scenes my character is heading on a first date to the local pub, one's a flashback. Better crack on with it. Or have a rest.

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