Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Twisted Showcase Showcase Series 3 starring Norman Lovett & Gareth David Lloyd

Can you believe we're on the third series of Twisted Showcase. It's been a whirlwind from out first episode starring Gareth David Lloyd, through the success of Fear of Living, and both of those films appearing at the Roma Fiction Festival. Then the Guardian naming us in the top 25 web TV show list and then bringing attention to our episode Press Play. To now...
Where we're at now is a place where we've realised we need to reach higher. Series 2 saw us try some new things, some worked, some didn't. That's for another blog post or maybe podcast. For series 3 we wrote two scripts specifically for two actors who if you follow us on twitter, or read Blogtor Who, or indeed read the headline here, you will know.

Twisted Showcase so far has been  no budget. We have managed to pay expenses here and there but that's it. It's not fair on anyone to continue in that way, and if we wanted to make series 3 the way it should be made (and you won't believe some of the moments planned) we knew we had to do something outside our comfort zone. Reach out to you for some crowdfunding.

You can see all the details over at our Sponsume page. But, to go over briefly, if you want exclusive access to the episodes the series pass is £10. If you want our Gareth bundle, there's only 20 available, and they are £50.
We're offering script reads for £60, we get hundreds of short scripts in per year and have read our fair share of longer stuff too. Plus it's two people's eyes cast over it, so it works out as £30 per read. Bargain!
But, you can contribute for as little as £2. If enough people just throw us that, the equivalent of buying us a very cheap pint, we'll be able to make series 3. And that's what this is about, getting these amazing stories, with amazing actors, and a few great effects thrown in this time too.

This introduces why this is happening and what you can do to join in. Further blog posts will look at the episodes in a bit more depth and how we decided to cast this series. Keep tuned for the updates, and in the meantime do what you can to help.

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