Monday, 6 May 2013

Wrexham FC film

Think I've mentioned before on my blog that I was writing a film for Pillay Evans Productions, I may have even mentioned it was going under the name of Goliath. I can't remember what's already been mentioned and my computer is running so slow it would take me an age to check.

Anyway, now I can mention that film is a romantic comedy that revolves, in my local area, around Wrexham football club. But you can get this information from the front page of the Flintshire edition of Fridays Evening Leader.
No, not the bit about travellers camping at the leisure centre, or the man jailed for assaults. The bit about me is obviously the teacher's film comedy of an FA cup classic. I should have cropped that down really, but as I said my computer is running tremendously slow, it would have took me ages.

Back to the film.

It's  to be set in 1991/92, culminating in Wrexham's 3rd round FA cup tie against Arsenal. I'm currently doing some final tweaks to the script, and I better get back to it, because my computer is really slow, oh you get the picture.

Here's the article from the Evening Leader

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