Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Series 3 update

We started showcase to learn and to collaborate. Then it took off more than we could imagine when we firstly got Gareth involved and then got listed in the Guardian. It's been a steep learning curve, and along the way we've worked with new writers, directors and acting talent. There is so much talent about in genre writing but not many chances for it to breakthrough, we want to be a place where this talent is showcased, hence our upcoming Twisted showcase Presents series. And, of course, series 3 of our web show.

After series 2 we realised to keep this going we needed to expand. It still has to be about new talent but also big names to bring people in. The mixture of those two is always scintillating. So series 3 has Norman Lovett and Gareth David Lloyd. You should know this by now I've been tweeting about it A LOT. But let's tell you a bit more about the episodes.


This one stars Gareth as a man who enters a Faustian pact and ends up with less than he started. I wrote it in a bit of an angry mood, fingers slamming the keyboard. It was in a stage of writing s few shorts, one called Lock in I wrote before it which was horrible extreme and this one which has some truly horrible elements which require special effects. Without giving too much away let me just say you'll see Gareth as never before.


Norman Lovett plays a toilet attendant with a difference in this script written by Rhys Jones. Whilst drafting this I think I pushed Rhys to the brink of sanity to make this script as good as it can be, purely because it was a great idea. Also we had who we wanted to play the lead character in mind all along so we knew it had to be firing on all cylinders. We asked Norman what appealed to him about it and he replied that 'at first it was the title'. It is a bit unignorable. Secondly it was the message behind the film, which maybe I'll make you wait until you've watched it to make up your own mind about.

There are other episodes planned for the series which I'll go into at another time and we're hoping to secure cast for them really soon. But, before I go I'd just like to mention some things we've got coming up.

1. We've promised on twitter a Gareth David Lloyd quiz, where the winner will receive something special from the set of payback. There will be a series of questions appearing all over the place over the next week or two. If you can answer them all you'll be in with a chance of winning. To get you started here's question 1

What is the name of Gareth's band?

2. On Friday at midday we will be doing a #reddwarf tweetalong on the Twisted Showcase twitter account to some of our favourite Red Dwarf episodes to feature Norman Lovett. Be there for that.

3. There should be an interview with Gareth David Lloyd appearing on one of my favourite websites very soon.

4. And an interview with Rhys Jones about series 3 appearing somewhere also.

Finally some links,

Here's a piece of funny fan art in regards to our first episode of Twisted Showcase

And don't forget to help our SERIES 3 CAMPAIGN


  1. Thanks for the up-date, chookas with the funds, GDL's band is called Blue Gillepie.

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  3. Rather bogged down job hunting, don't have access to Twitter, so I hope I don't miss any of the questions. Gareth's band is Blue Gillespie (absolutely amazing sound!). Don't suppose you'd consider putting the Twisted Showcase series you've already done-as well as any new works-in a purchasable medium (DVD, download...)? Good way to boost your funds and give those of us with extremely uncooperative computers a reliable way to see them.

    1. We'd love to release a DVD. Who knows we may get the opportunity after this star filled series. You can get some epiosdes on DVD in some of the rewards on the crowdfund page for now though?