Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I realised last week that I'd been deserting this blog, unfortunatley this has been the first oppurtunity that I've had to drop a blog, so to speak.
So what's new?
Well, I've been watching some early Scorsese film. Beginning with who's that knocking at my door?, his student film which although amateurish in places still has flashes of Scorsese and the direction is very inventive during what could otherwise be seen as 'nothing' scenes. Boxcar Bertha has more of a plot and, due to Roger Corman's demands, something is always going on. The climax to the film is good too. Mean Streets is the first well known Scorsese film, hopefuly everyone has seen this film, if not stop reading this blog and watch now. De Niro has an alluring swagger and the constantly moving camera is always engaging also. Lastly i watched Alice doesn't live here anymore, which is the most un-scorsese-like out of all of them, a womans picture for one, a melodrama for two, very mainstream also. Ellen Burstyn is fantastic in it though and there are some great moments.
Been to the cinema a couple of times too, my favourites this year so far have been Gus Van Sant's Milk, a great performance by Sean Penn, only rivalled by Mickey Rourke's in The Wrestler. Another favourite was Revolutionary Road, but i still hope Slumdog Millionaire gets those Best Picture and Best Director Oscar's.
Right now I've just finished watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, George Clooney's first deirectorial effort, more importantly from a Charlie Kaufman script. Based on Gong Show host's Chuck Barris' autobiography which states that he was also a CIA agent whilst working on TV, it's a great premise, which is told well. apparently Kaufman fell out with Coooney during the making of it. I'm off onto the net now to find out more.
I'll just leave you with my writing tales of the past few weeks. Worked through episode one of The Dole, my TV drama script, but then left it as I had an idea for Episode 2 which i am halfway through now. Finished redrafting my childrens novel. also started a short film script but that is going a bit wrong. Will try and blog about that before the end of the week.
Going now.

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