Sunday, 18 January 2009

Writing goals for 2009

On New Years Day I awoke early. I don't know how because I think I'd only just gone to bed. I think I'd only just stopped drinking. To be honest it was all a bit hazy.
Anyhow, as soon as I awoke I started to write some resolutions, I'd never done this before so it felt strange. What came out wasn't so much New Year's resolutions but writing goals for the year, hence the title not being New Years Resolutions.
So here's my writing goals for this year, up on the internet for everyone to see, which sort of forces me to get a move on and do some work, or everyone will be able to see that I've failed.

Here they are:-

1. Finish redrafting my childrens novel and send it off to publishers, agents etc

2. Write the sequel to above novel. (First Draft)

3. Write two film screenplays.

4. Write a full tv series.

5. Write a tv pilot out of an unfinished novel I wrote a couple of years ago.

6.Write a short film

7. Write a t least 5 short stories, finish one I started last year.

8. Build a portfolio of stuff.

Actually i think number 8 is hopefully achieved through numbers 1 to 7.

So far I have wrote 1 short story. Working on some of the others. would love to hear other people goals for this year, so send me an e mail if you want.

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