Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What do you write in your first blog?

What's the first blog for? The rest of this blog will be about me (that's what blogs are aren't they) specifically they will be regarding my writing endeavours, but what does this first blog have to say?
Basically i just want to write a blog so that my page doesn't look crap and empty. I could jazz it up with some pictures and videos and stuff, but i don't know how to do any of that *sorry*. I am technologically retarded. Getting this far with my blog has been hard enough. It irks me how easy kids find computers these days. They don't remember the days when you had to go into a seperate room to have computer lessons, because the computer was so big it needed a whole room to house it. They wouldn't even believe you if you told them that computer screens had basically one colour, green, with a lighter green when you typed something. God, i'm sounding old. I'm only 27, honest. No, that is not old.
Well i seemed to have waffled on a little and haven't even come back to the main reason i'll be blogging yet. One is to meet fellow writers. Novelists and screenwriters as i currently am working on both. In the planning stages of a film screenplay, a psychological horror. In the writing stages o a tv series, which is unfortunatley fluctuating between a sitcom and a more serious drama, need to sort that out. Lastly, am on the third draft of a childrens novel.

I'm off to work on adding links and stuff to this blog. Please comment if you stumble across it, even if its just to say hello or to be nasty. Be nice to know someone has found it.

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