Friday, 28 November 2014

Twisted Showcase Short Story Collection

It's come from nowhere this one. Certainly for me. Rhys has often wanted to write prose more, but I'm in love with screenwriting. But now and again I will dabble with prose, and this has led to us putting together  a short collection of short stories.

The main reason for this is to hopefully raise a bit of money for Series 4, so please help in getting the word out so we can get going on Series 4 and bring you another great series of our show, and whilst you're at it get 8 brand new stories in our Twisted Showcase Collection.

It also contains a foreword by Gareth David Lloyd, which is brilliant.

It can be pre ordered from here

And more information on the stories is on the twisted showcase site here

The collection will be available from the 16th December. Perfect Christmas reading for the twisted at heart.

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  1. Please tell me you're going to release it in another format. Don't have a Kindle, have no hope of affording a Kindle, and honestly don't want a Kindle. I was very excited about the collection, but am now incredibly disappointed because it looks like I'll have to miss out. :(