Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Twisted Showcase Series 3 : Part 5

For Payback our buzzword was tension
For Toilet Soup it was humour.
For Drugs don't Work it was a throw everything at the wall approach.
For Confession it was emotion.

For Empty Sofa it started off as being Eyeball. Our second episode in series one was an experimental 3 minute episode that never features an actor, it sort of does, mainly his eyeball or in two scenes he is shot from behind so we don't see his face. It was minimalist, experimental film making. Just me and Rhys, without a cast, but hopefully with a strong idea and script. Since all the other episode of this series really pushed us in new ways, larger casts, bigger names etc we wanted to go back to this minimalist and experimental challenge we set ourselves with Eyeball, but this time push it further.

Another keyword was clip show. I love sitcom clip shows, but know a lot of people hate them. We thought this one would be hated but seems to be liked out there. Some people even called it clever.

I suppose in a way it is, but we worried it'd be seen as lazy. After all we've weaved a 3/4 minute film out od 10 seconds of new footage. Looped footage of an empty sofa and brief flashes of Rhys. There's a voiceover guiding the story and a multitude of clips, these were both scripted, most of the selected clips were anyway, we had some wiggleroom with the montage as we hadn't filmed any of Series 3 when we wrote The Empty Sofa so weren't too sure what'd look best.

It was the right time for a clip show, we've somehow completed 3 series in two years. Minor miracle right there. At the time of writing the episodes we were also considering wrapping up Twisted Showcase, so this was a full stop on that world we'd created, that all took place around this character and destroyed him. But, it seems it proved cathartic to us and we had already written a few episodes for Series 4 before 3 had come out. So we'll be filming those soon.

In even better news though, coming even sooner, out first Twisted Showcase short story Collection, containing Twisted tales by myself and Rhys Jones. There's some belters on there, including a messed up Christmas tale, and it'll be out just in time for Christmas, available worldwide on Amazon.

But that's not all, this e book contains a brilliant foreword by Gareth David Lloyd. It's a must buy to make your Christmas, well, Twisted.

It'll be with you soon, on a Twisted Tuesday in December. Check here and the website for more details.


  1. And Gareth will be in the next series 4?

    1. No casting has been done yet. Let you know anything as soon as I do. You'll love his foreword though :)

  2. Brilliant!!!! Glad you're going ahead with series 4. And I want, Want, WANT the short story collection (just hope I can afford it). Thanks for giving us a glimpse inside yours and Rhys' heads regarding the series. Quite enjoyed all the juicy tidbits. Can't wait for the next round. :)