Sunday, 23 December 2012

Treat Eleven: Monster London

Earlier this year I purchased a book which literally opened up a new world to me, that world was created by Jonathan Edwards and is called Monster London.

The book is 36 pages of profiles of monsters from an alternative London. I think it's an alternative London anyway because sometimes when reading a belly laugh emanates caused by recognising certain characteristics that may relate to certain people you may be aware of. 

I was startled at one point to notice a past relative of mine in there, Twigrin Bell.

The original exhibition of Monster London took place at Foyles, London over the summer. But now you can go back and read and then re read the wonderfully witty descriptions that go along with each stunning character.

The overall effect, for me, created a highly original and imaginative world populated by these characters and I was amazed by the amount of personality in both their bios and the images. I think they'd make a brilliant TV series there is so much detail in there, I'd like to see more and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone with an imagination.

To buy this (and why wouldn't you it's only £4) head here.

Or check out more of Jonathan's work at

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