Friday, 21 December 2012

Treat 8: Reality Trip

Drugs had ceased to exist. Instead, people were experimenting with microchips in the brain. New ‘experiences’ were always being programmed into these microchips, making hallucinations seem a natural part of daily life.

Jon Richardson was a high end user. This meant his whole life was spent inserting new experiences into his brain via microchip’s which interacted with his brain neurons. He opened the gateway in his skull, and inserted the new microchip. By the time the microchip was in place, it was too late for Jon to recognise the telephone chip in his brain which someone was calling. They would have to leave a message for him to pick up when he came back from his trip.

“Jon, don’t use that new microchip. It’s been contaminated, manipulated to create reality incarnations.”

Jon was sat on a beach, faced with a man in flowing black robes with a pale, scar filled face that conjured up a hundred nightmares.

“I am reality Jon, and you’ve been avoiding me for too long.”

With that reality exploded in anger, and hooks on meaty tentacles came bursting out of all the scar tissue on his face wrapping around Jon with a bone crushing force and carving and slicing his body into tiny pieces of flesh.

Reality returned to the sea leaving Jon with his body ripped open with a small pulse rippling through his exposed innards. One neuron continued firing against a microchip in Jon’s brain, repeating the image of death over and over again.

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