Thursday, 23 February 2012

Twisted Showcase Launch & Writers

Today the TWISTED SHOWCASE website launched with the tantalisingly teasing teaser trailer. Already I've had questions about it. What's the guy staring at in the garden? And what is going on with Gareth David Lloyd's hand? Being the main two so far.

I urge you to check it out when the series launches next Thursday, March 1st. A lot of hard work from myself, Rhys Jones, Leigh Jones as well as everyone else who helped on the series, has gone into this.

Not to mention the writers. Where it all starts, and where it began on this blog nearly a year ago with a call out for scripts.

So it seems to make sense to announce the writers on teh same blog that the opportunity launched. Writers on series 1 include me and Rhys Jones. But enough about us, what about the other writers.
Well, we have Richard Holland who runs an amazing website Uncanny UK on the paranormal.
And Leslie Cummins, who describes herself as a writer of comedy and horror, and a social hermit.

I'm practically fizzing with excitement from the news stories about Twisted Showcase today. Please tell your friends and gather around next Thursday to watch Episode 1 Peter & Paul.

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