Monday, 20 February 2012

Twisted Showcase is near

The web series we've all been working on is approaching.
How do I know? Well apart from being part of the team that put it together and meeting up last Saturday to organise the launch, there is also to tantalise you.

Behold our glorious logo designed by Jonathan Edwards. I urge you to have a look through his website and his blog I Heart Pencils at They are both full of brilliant stuff.

There will be loads of news on Twisted Showcase in the coming weeks so keep 'em peeled.


  1. This looks choice I love ''quality'' web series and with Gareth David Lloyd.. even better.

  2. We would like to know please.. is this going to be available to view outside the UK.. say like where I'm at Australia ..

  3. If you can view the trailer you will be able to view the episodes. :)

    1. Brilliant.. thank you for the information.. :)