Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Upcoming projects

Here's a sort of catch up on stuff I'm upto at the moment.
This is all stuff that I'm pursuing myself, making for no budget, you can't sit around waiting for people to do stuff with your scripts you have to get out there and do stuff yourself.
Although I have got some big scripts that I'm seeking production companies for.

The thing with these upcoming projects is I'm not sure if any of them will happen, things change, it's not easy to get things made, the only one I'm sure about is the first upcoming project as I finished editing that myself last night.


Typecasts- This is something that’s definite. It’s been written, shot, edited, Completely completed. It’s a 5 minute, supposed, comedy short film. It concerns a couple, one an actor and the other his put upon boyfriend. I act in it which is supremely embarrassing. But I’ll be blogging about this in the near future, some invaluable lessons learnt.

Where I’m From- This is my attempt at a documentary. This project came about by accident. With the purchase of my new camera me and my friend Jim decided to wander around the local castle to test run it. We got some great footage, then I stumbled across this opportunity

I recommend anyone to go for it, it’ll be immense fun, although it does mean more editing for me.

I’m in love- A film I won’t have to edit, phew. This is hopefully being directed by Leigh Jones, the second film I’ll have made with him after The Fear of Living. This one is more of a surreal comedy, a bit smutty too. It’s a cracking little script even if I say so myself, but we were meant to be filming Saturday and one of our actors had to pull out. Hopefully this can be organised soon and will come together.

Planet Failure- This project is probably the oldest, it concerns a script myself and Richard Holland began writing years and years ago about two wannabe writers on the Dole. It is now our intention to transfer these scripts into another format, maybe a comic?

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