Sunday, 6 February 2011

Screenwriter Geek: Is this enough?

What I learnt from yesterday was never to post stuff on a Saturday night. My phrasing was all laid back, and lazy. Writers WAITING to breakthrough? Writers don't wait to breakthrough, they try to breakthrough, a constant stuggle, that's what leads to the question of whther you're doing enough to achive that.

So for complete transparency, here's what I do (or try to) writing wise.
Firstly, a feature script per year.
A TV or radio hour long drama script, could be stand alone could be a pilot for a series.
A half hour sitcom.
Two of three short scripts or stories.
Hopefully after that I'll have time to write another random project, in the past this has been a kids TV pilot and a web series.
Alongside this I also like to dabble in scripts with writing partners, this can be fun and bring out different parts of your writing as well as being a good learning activity, e.g. picking up writingtips from the other writer.

So, there's my writing timetable, schedule, workload, whatever you'd like to call it.
What's yours?

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