Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Susie Pepper's Teeth

You may remember a while back I posted some news about a Murky Depths commision. Well here I reveal the commision is for my story Susie Pepper's Teeth. It will be appearing in Issue 15. You may have heard me refer to Susie Pepper's Teeth before as it started life as a short film script, but one that was unfilmable on a normal budget. Hence fitting the comic strip format perfectly.
The adaptation went smoothly, and hopefully in the run up to it appearing I'll be able to post some script samples, and previews of the story.
Make sure you have some money spare in February to purchase your copy.


  1. Whoo ace! I'll be buying a copy.

  2. Cheers Jim. When you order it mention you're buying it through this blog, or because of my story. I'd be much obliged.