Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I've made a short film. It's only a little experimental thing. When walking on the weekend, we were lucky enough to stumble on this weird abandoned quarry. I took a few photos and filmed a few bits.

WAIT! I should be saying this is disturbing found footage, that's what sells films nowadays. Anyways, I edited bits together and put some music over the top and, hey presto, a film. Sorry to deconstruct the magic.

Hope you enjoy, THE QUARRY.


  1. I was crapping myself all the way through it, half expecting someone to jump out into the camera. In which case I would have sharted for sure. How much did you have to pay the ghost of Vincent Price to chuckle at the end? I like the abandoned zipper - if you entered it for the Turner prize with some suitably ironic title you'd win for sure (providing you got a woman to pretend to be you). It looked like a scary fossil in the opening shot. Anyway, it was tre avant garde. And now you've learned to shoot films in quarries, you could get work on Dr Who!

  2. You cut just before the reveal of Laura Palmer wrapped up in a grow bag!