Tuesday, 13 April 2010



A few friends have decided to join me in the blogosphere. Firstly, Richard www.richardholland-spuriosity.blogspot.com He hosts a Daily Quote, has tuneful tuesday a stunning saturday matinee movie poster and more.
Then Jim joined http://thereisspaceshipsoverdeeside.blogspot.com/ Find him there, he's currently listing the top 10 opening riffs.

Meanwhile I've been sending stuff off, I have a pitch and a short story entered into Big Finish competitions. My TV drama script submitted to BBC Writersroom. A short story submitted to a upcoming collection. Still looking for a home for a short story entitled Witch Ball. My favourite which is a bit worrying considering its lack of a taker so far.
Also joined a writers group, Northwest Playwrights. See how that goes. Got a 4 minute scene to submit for next month, will fill you in on how that went.
Pressure's on to keep this entertaining with all the new competition from friends. so remember check their blogs out, and go and re watch my short film The Quarry. You know you want to.

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  1. You're so busy! Thanks for the plug. And Jim on the Blogosphere - watch the web go into meltdown.