Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Hardly an original title for a blog that is it? Send in suggestions for a better one.
So there's some stuff I need to mention on here because i've been meaning to for a few weeks.
In no particular order:
I saw Watchmen. My views on the film can be found on my regular blog that I write for In/Out magazine. Here's the link
Need to learn how to make those links shorter.
Next, well just had a bitch of a month money wise, I'm sure this is a struggle for many a writer, judging how many hours they can give up at work whilst keeping the money coming in. Hopefully on top of this now.
Lastly I promised Danny Stack that I'd link to his short film scheme, Ican't donate (see above paragraph) but here's the link to check out see what you can do.

That's all from the blof entitled Stuff

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