Sunday, 3 May 2015

5 star films: April 2015

A quick one this month, or last month now as I'm a little late posting this up. I'll be honest with you I didn't realise the month had gone by so fast.

Even though I watched a lot of films last month, up to 99 for the year now, only one got a 5 star rating this month, and I'd seen it before too, but a long time ago.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY - You'll either love or hate it, but you'll definitely have an opinion. I find it beautiful, epic film making. The soundtrack combined with the images is perfect, and it has some great moments, creepy, unnerving. After watching I was thinking about it for weeks, and I'm sure it didn't have as much impact last time. It's a film you've got to see, just to make up your own mind, of a film which will feature in top 100 films to see before you die lists everywhere.

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