Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Twisted Showcase LIVE

Over a week ago now we hosted an event to launch the Twisted Showcase exhibition. It featured poetry, the best episodes of Twisted Showcase and was headlined by the brilliant Norman Lovett.

We wanted a feel of a traditional variety show, fused in out own Twisted way. Which we achieved, it was a great night. I was too busy to enjoy it as it happened, but enjoyed people's reactions, and got to watch Norman Lovett perform a great set. The third time I've seen him and the best yet. A real honour for us to have a great talent like him launch our exhibition.

Our exhibition can be viewed at UN DEG UN Thursdays - Saturday 12pm -4pm until April 8th. We will also be uploading the exhibition online ASAP. We're just thinking of different ways of doing this to bring you an immersive experience. Whilst thinking about this we probably looked as lost and confused as we did on the night, see evidence in the picture below, kindly provided by Voicebox.

This has been a great experience, a lot different from what we're used to as reclusive writers, it has been great to get out there into different areas, and we never thought there would be an exhibition for our little show featuring, posters, props, an entire wall of scripts and a viewing place where you can relax on the sofa and watch Twisted Showcase.

Seeing the series in this light and getting a chance to watch the films again really seems like a great way to draw a line under it. Don't worry the series isn't ending, we're going ahead with Series 4, but like Empty Sofa sort of ended that last cycle of films, and this reflection on them has sealed that part of Showcase in the past, the next series will hopefully be a progression. As always with Twisted Showcase we aim to be different, but with that essential Twisted ingredient that ties it together.
Make sure you go an see the recipe of what made Twisted Showcase Series 1-3 whilst it's being exhibited.

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