Thursday, 16 December 2010

Treat Eight- Payback

Here's the logline and the first few lines of the synopsis, anymore would give too much away, for what I thought was going to be my first produced short movie. It didn't turn out to be, that was The Fear of Living in the end, but this one is still bubbling away. Let's hope next year it gets made, and that this whets your appetite.

Logline- Once you miss the repayments who knows what you’ll have to payback.

Synopsis- Payback

A shady office contains a suited, shadowy figure, a man of mystery, and a mysterious package.

Less a man of mystery, Chris, 33, a recent divorcee, discusses his overdraft with a friend Andy, who gives him a number for someone he knows can help. Chris calls the number and arranges an unbelievable deal with the robotic voiced Jeremy, with Chris’ promotion coming up the repayments will be easily made.

Unfortunately for Chris, the promotion is delayed, but when he calls to inform Jeremy that he can’t adhere to the repayment plan Chris realises that the deal really was too good to be true.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a neat, crisp idea but there's not enough to really grab the attention - I'm assuming the required 'Payback' is something bizarre or extreme, but for all the synopsis implies, it might just be an overly hight interest rate. I guess Jeremy is more than an ordinary loan shark but the synopsis should maybe make that more clear.