Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Blue Box Issue 2 - Escaping Sunbeams

Here's some interesting news for you. Issue 2 of Blue Box, a Doctor Who fanzine, is now available, and it features a Doctor Who story that I wrote.

The story features the seventh Doctor and Ace. If anyone isn't as nerdy about Doctor Who as my good self and the sweaty masses who love it now, the seventh Doctor was played by Sylvester McCoy, who I believe has just been offered a role in The Hobbit. Anyway the story, entitled Escaping Sunbeams, contains a boys diary, burning monsters and a shoelace.

You can buy it through paypal from dalek82@hotmail.co.uk. and it only costs £1.50 in the UK, and only £2.50 in the rest of the world. so you have no excuse, it's just pennies. Please buy it, it's a good old fashioned fanzine and I'm really proud of my story in it.

On a final note Gallifrey News Base is a blog i always check for Doctor Who news and to see my name on there was quite a thrill, here's the link to that.


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