Saturday, 22 August 2009

The problem with computers

Don't get me wrong, I love my computer. Or loved, because this week my laptop went kaput and stopped working, but I love my new one so lets stick with love.
The problem this catastrophe left me with was a years worth of writing stuck in limbo. Today i'll be getting the discs back rescued from my old laptop's hard drive and i'll be able to get back into it, but for a week there I was a mess.
No writing, no creativity. It almost killed me. Maybe it was the kick in the teeth I needed to show me that I need to do this. It's not something I can switch off.
The trouble is the new laptop has left me penniless and paying off my Mum for the next few months, making my job, that I hope one day the writing will lead me away from, even more essential.
At least I dont have a car that can fail on me and cost me obscene amounts of money.
OK, back to the writing, as soon as I've figured out how to re install everything.

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