Tuesday, 23 June 2009


No good names for the blog yet, and no time either. Been stupidly busy.
In good news, am in touch with a producer who really wants to make a short film from an idea I pitched to him. Hope that works out. Have planned most of it, to the minute detail in some of the gory details, just not sure of how to end it. It'll come to me, just have to wait and keep my mind open.
There's an oppurtunity to write an episode aimed at 6 to 12 year olds for CBBC on the BBC Writers Room, which i need to get sent off by next Monday. I'm also re drafting some things as i would like to take a script with me to the BBC writers roadshow, which i am going to in Liverpool on July 1st.
There's a mini update, back to work now.

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